"Unless you faint, puke or die, keep working"
- Jillian Michaels

Hey! Mi name is Leticia, I am 16 years old and my height is 5'0 (I know, short)

Weightloss and thinspo blog.

Goal Weights:

IW: 132 lbs
GW: 130 lbs
GW: 125 lbs
GW: 120 lbs
GW: 115 lbs
GW: 110 lbs
GW: 105 lbs
GW: 100 lbs
GW: 95 lbs
GW: 90 lbs
UGW: 85 lbs

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@jaekilla: I know i wont be the fittest most skinny or shredded girl on stage but ive come so far. 60lbs in a year is something i hold so close to my heart. @bodesquad @females_in_shape @girlswithmuscle @top_physiques #beforeandafter #change #girlswithmuscle #girlswholift #transformation #dedication #progress #proof #neverlookback #fattofit #gymmotivation #gympics #happy #nervous #excited #newperson
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@alicia_reyes_: “Be Fearless, Have a Vision, Believe in Yourself, Always Hustle, Stay Focused, Get Out There, Get Motivated, Get Inspired” 👊
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Transformation Tuesday.
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